Máy hút bụi HITACHI PV-XC500PR

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  • Tình trạng: Mới 100%/ Còn hàng.
  • Xuất xứ: NHẬT BẢN
  • Bảo hành: 12 THÁNG
  • Đặc điểm: Máy hút chạy bằng pin, cầm tay, có đèn sáng đầu chổi, hút linh hoạt mọi ngóc ngách, mọi địa hình
Mô tả chi tiết :
Tải bản vẽ
Response voltage
100-240 V
Our product specifications voltage 100 ~ 240 V.
Are available all over the world.
The shape of the power plug supplied with this product is type BF (rectangular 3-pin).
BF type otherwise the plug converter requires plugs available in your location.
Suction system
Our product is suction cyclone system. It is not necessary for waste paper pack.

In the stick, handheld.
Use the whip, and the strong power Cordless cleaner.

On the new development of Hitachi Ltd., that are both compact and high-efficiency “SD haipowerfanmotor”, creates a strong power.

In the cordless power is strong. Suction lever firmly.

It adopted a “self-propelled smart head” can be clean in the light feeling without powerful suction during floor to hug.

When I noticed both stick and handy and clean.

Staying fit can be changed easy style.

In light of the operations to sucked, self-propelled smart head cleaning quick and easy.

Recycle opens the lid and pressing the away button in pushed debris from the barrel.
Recycle easy throw “trash dash ‘ features.

Easy-to-grip handles, stand structure, 4-step scale, etc.
Attention to ease of use functions.

Wash OK and useful accessory

HITACHI (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Part No.
PR (red)
Power supply specifications
Voltage: 100 V ~ 240 V
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Power supply plug
BF type
Rechargeable battery: lithium-ion DC21.6V(2500mAh)
Charging time: about 3.5 hours
Continuous operation time: standard 30 min / 8 min
Vacuum cleaner head
Self-propelled smart head
JAN code
Product categories
Rechargeable Cordless cyclone vacuum cleaner
Dimensions (length × width × height/mm)
280 × 230 × 840-1075
Packing size (length × width × height/mm)
621 × 255 × 317
Body weight (kg)
Packed weight (kg)
7.0 kg
Overseas shipping weight (TW)
7.5 kg
Packing weight + packaging (500 g) = overseas shipping weight
Curved telescopic brush vanished sleevings, clearance for vanished sleevings, futons for vanished sleevings, charging, cleaning brush, instruction manual
Instruction manual
English, Chinese
Country of origin


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